Leda Fletcher Projects


Statement about Leda Fletcher Projects

Leda Fletcher Gallery was opened in 1999 in Carouge-Geneva, specialized in Chinese contemporary art. Since then Leda Fletcher has introduced to for the first time in Switzerland and in Europe many artists who are now very well known internationally trying to share with the public her passion of Chinese Contemporary art. Until 2008 she organized more than 70 solo and collective exhibitions, including the participation at several international art fairs.

The purpose of the Gallery has always been to introduce a large spectrum of Chinese artists, of different tendencies and using different media. Leda Fletcher has always met personally the artists through regular trips to China PR, Taiwan, Hong Kong and European Countries.

In 2008 Leda Fletcher decided to close the Gallery and now under the name Leda Fletcher Projects she continues the activity of promoting Chinese artists as a Consultant for Collectors and Buyers . An important aspect of the new activity is to cooperate in organizing and taking part in Exhibitions, Festivals and Art Fairs.